Big, Beautiful, and Bright Orange Premium Giant Pumpkin Seeds

It's one thing to grow a giant pumpkin, it's a whole another accomplishment to grow a giant that's also got nearly perfect shape and bright orange color.  The SCGA is proud to be partnering with a giant pumpkin genetics working group who's aim is to enhance and preserve elite seed lines with highly favorable characteristics.  This exclusive seed package contains seeds from award-winning orange pumpkins crossed to provide a baseline for continued award-winning success that checks the box on ideal size, shape, and color: 

350 Foss est. (1211 Ailts x 1211 Ailts)  The 1211 was 2018 Stillwater Harvestfest HD winner

547 Foss (1211 Ailts x 2152 Gantner) The 2152 Gantner is the largest HD winner of all time

340 Foss est. (740 Wolf x 1211 Ailts) 740 Wolf is 359 Foss x 811 Gerhardt, both repeated HD winners

450 Foss est. (1211 Ailts x 740 Wolf)  6 pumpkins were grown on the single 1211 plant, creating the crosses listed above where the 1211 is the female

Each set contains 2 seeds of each cross for a total of 8 seeds per set.