Best of Upper Midwest Orange, 8 Seeds from Prettiest Pumpkin Award Winners 2021

Each year, Stillwater Harvestfest crowns the "Howard Dill Champion of the North" prettiest pumpkin winner, where Howard Dill Prettiest Pumpkin award winners from neighboring weigh-offs compete for bragging rights, a traveling trophy, and cash.  This seed collection contains 2 seeds from each of the four prettiest pumpkin  winners, including the 2021 champion, 852 Toboyek pumpkin.


Package includes 8 total seeds, one from each of the following:

852 Toboyek 2021 (1785 Ford x self) 2021 River Prairie Giant Pumpkin Festival prettiest pumpkin winner and HD Champion of the North

854 B. Anderson 2021 (729 Gansert x Self) 2021 Anoka prettiest pumpkin

1477 Caspers 2021 (2350 Gienger x 2200 Wolf) 2021 Bloomfield prettiest pumpkin

1454 Engel 2021 (896 Engel x 359 Foss) 2021 Stillwater Harvestfest prettiest pumpkin