Best of Harvestfest 2019: Premium Giant Pumpkin seed collection (8 seeds)

Every year the SCGA assembles a collection of seeds from the largest pumpkins weighed at Stillwater HarvestFest Giant Pumpkin Weighoff. This year's collection contains seeds from pumpkins that helped make our weighoff a top 5 site in the entire world, based on top ten pumpkin weight average. This collection is the cream of the crop, including the second largest pumpkin ever grown in Wisconsin. You wont find a higher quality assembly of top-tier genetics at such a value anywhere but here. 

Price includes S&H.

Weight Grower Year (Female x Male)
2261 Schmit 2019 (2283 Barlow/Jacobus x Self)
1754.5 Werner (2166 Cutrupi x 1916.5 Werner)
1651 Zywiec 2019 (1938 Zywiec x 1781 Zywiec)
1581 Anderson 2019 (1587 Caspers x 1676 LaRiviere
1508 Leer 2019 (2416.5 Haist x 2255 Zaychkowsky)
1453 Kurkowski 2019 (1911 Urena x Self)

Bonus seeds:

1410 Zywiec 2019 (1427 Zywiec x 1781 Zywiec)

1370 Zywiec 2019 (1781 Zywiec x self)

Package Contains:
-8 Giant Pumpkin Seeds