Big, Beautiful, and Bright Orange Premium Giant Pumpkin Seeds

It's one thing to grow a giant pumpkin, it's a whole another accomplishment to grow a giant that's also got nearly perfect shape and bright orange color.  The SCGA is proud to be partnering with a giant pumpkin genetics working group who's aim is to enhance and preserve elite seed lines with highly favorable characteristics.  This exclusive seed package contains seeds from three of the most notable pumpkins in 2018 that check the box on ideal size, shape, and color: 

1576.5 LaRiviere 2018 (1297 Young x Self) Woodstock Fair prettiest pumpkin winner

1211 Ailts 2018 (1374 Engel x Self) Stillwater Harvestfest regional prettiest pumpkin champion

1157 Zaychkowski 2018 (575 Wolf x Self) Great White North prettiest pumpkin winner