Best of Harvestfest 2018: Premium Giant Pumpkin seed collection (10 seeds)

Every year the SCGA assembles a collection of seeds from the largest pumpkins weighed at Stillwater HarvestFest Giant Pumpkin Weighoff. This year's collection contains seeds from pumpkins that helped make our weighoff the #1 site in the entire world, based on top ten pumpkin weight average. This collection is the cream of the crop, setting a new world record top ten average of 1924lbs. You wont find a higher quality assembly of top-tier genetics at such a value anywhere but here. 

Price includes S&H.

Weight Grower Year (Female x Male)
2091 Midthun 2018 (1781 Zywiec x Self)
1963.5 Stevens 2018 (2363 Holland x 1764 Stevens)
1944 Vander Wielen 2018 (1191 Vander Wielen x 2145 McMullen)
1921.5 Carrier 2018 (2004 Vander Wielen x 2363 Holland)
1916.5 Werner 2018 (2096 Meier x 1810 Werner)
1908 Suchanek 2018 (1583 Suchanek x Self)
1878.5 Leer 2018 (1501 Vander Wielen x 1261 Caspers)
1852.5 Qualley 2018 (2145 McMullen x Self)
1834.5 Schutte 2018 (1477 Schutte x 1779 Schutte)
1810 Bernstrom 2018 (2363 Holland x 1791 Werner)

Package Contains:
-10 Giant Pumpkin Seeds

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