Lorelee's Whoppers 1651lb, 1410lb, 1370lb 6 Premium Giant Pumpkin Seeds

Lorelee Zywiec is one of the most accomplished giant pumpkin growers in the Upper Midwest.  She made the "1-ton" club with a 2109lb pumpkin in 2015.  That pumpkin was grown from her own 1781lb pumpkin from the previous year.  Seeds that contain the 1781lb in their genetic lineage are highly coveted, since it is a known producer of 2000lb pumpkins. 

This collection of seeds from Lorelee's 2019 growing season all contain 1781lb genetics and therefore also have 2000lb potential. 

Price includes S&H

Package Contains:

2 seeds: 1651lb Zywiec (1938 Zywiec x 1781 Zywiec)

2 seeds: 1410lb Zywiec (1427 Zywiec x 1781 Zywiec)

2 seeds: 1370lb Zywiec (1781 Zwiec x 1781 Zyweic)

Seed starting tip sheet & personally signed good luck wish from Lorelee herself.