Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Seed Pack: 6 seeds from 1000lb+ pumpkins

Need Seed?  The SCGA is the best value on the web. Our Giant Pumpkin Seed Starter Packs are ideal for growers just getting into the hobby.  Each Starter Pack contains six (6) Atlantic Giant pumpkin seeds. All SCGA Starter Pack seeds come from pumpkins that weighed >1000lbs, so you know top genetic potential is at your fingertips. 

Each order also comes with the "Seed Starting Tip Sheet", which provides 10 essential tips for successfully germinating your giant pumpkin seeds. Other sites will sell questionable seed and leave you hanging, while the SCGA guarantees its quality and gives you the essential tips to get them started.  

Add on the "Giant Pumpkin Grower's Patch Guide" & month-by-month How-To booklet for just $5.00, an essential growing companion, and you'll be prepared to grow the largest pumpkin on the block, in your state, or maybe even in the world!

Price includes S&H.

Package Contains:
-6 Giant Pumpkin seeds
-Seed Starting Tip Sheet