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Where in the World are the Largest Pumpkins Grown?by Joe Ailts, 2021

Growing Award-Winning Orange Giant Pumpkins: Color Inheritance in Atlantic Giant by Joe Ailts 2020

Exploring Effects of Azospirillum brasilense on root morphology by Joe Ailts, 2019

Interview with Steve Geddes, 2528lb Pumpkin Grower by SCGA

Interview with Steve Daletas, World Champion Pumpkin Grower by Steve Connolly, SNGPG, 2018

Optimizing the Giant Pumpkin Seed Harvest  by Joe Ailts, 2018

Identifying the Best Pumpkin Seed: A Statistical Approach by Joe Ailts, 2018

Top Ten Barriers to Patch Success by Joe Ailts, 2018

2017 Cross-Weight Average seed analysis by Joe Ailts, 2018

Sinks-Sources-Sugars 2016 GPC big show presentation by Joe Ailts, 2016

2015 Cross-Weight Average seed analysis by Joe Ailts, 2016

Pumpkin Roots & Icebergs by Joe Ailts, 2015

Effect of seed soaking on emergence by Joe Ailts, 2015

Effect of temperature on emergence  by Joe Ailts, 2015

What's in Your Trench? by Joe Ailts, 2014

Giant Pumpkins Genetics Q&A by Frank Finders & Joe Ailts, 2014

Giant Pumpkin Growing Basics by Joe Ailts, updated 2014

Organic Matters! 2013 GPC big show presentation by Joe Ailts, 2013

Ailts/Landry 1400lbs Benchmarks & Worksheet by Joe Ailts & Russ Landry

The Calcium Highway 2011 by Russ Landry

Top Ten Pests by Joe Ailts, 2003


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