Buy Giant Pumpkins

Are your looking for a giant pumpkin as a centerpiece of your fall display? You've come to the right place.  The SCGA has been helping connect giant pumpkin buyers to giant pumpkin growers for over a decade.  

Here's how it works-  As an organization based in the twin cities, we primarily work with buyers and sellers in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.  Inquiries outside the greater metro area can submitted and we'll pass along to an organization closer to your location. 

Pumpkins range from 250lbs on the small side up to 2000lbs on the heavy side, depending on your preference.  Most business and fall event display pumpkins fall into the 650-1200lb range.  

Pumpkins can be delivered to your business or event location. 
All pumpkins are delivered on pallets and require forklift or skidsteer to unload. Moving equipment is provided by the buyer. If not damaged, pumpkins will maintain show quality through Halloween. Most growers will ask to recover seeds from inside the pumpkin after your event. Arrangements can be made for grower pick up or disposal depending on your preference. 

We also provide other fall decor, including straw bales, corn shocks, giant Jack-o-lanterns, decorative corn & gourds. Use one of the contact methods below to let us know what you need!

Contact us by phone or email:
Phone:   715-220-7411