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Stillwater Harvest Fest Giant Pumpkin Weigh Off Saturday, October 10th 2020

St. Croix Growers Association, giant pumpkin seeds, Stillwater HarvestFest

Stillwater Harvest Fest is the premier GPC-sanctioned giant pumpkin weigh-off in the Upper Midwest.  Occurring the second Saturday/Sunday of each October, this event takes place on the banks of the beautiful St. Croix River, in the heart of the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway...

...except in 2020. Because everything in 2020 is different.  We'll be weighing pumpkins, stay tuned for final details to be released soon!

All entrants will need to complete the online registration form. Please follow link below:

Click here for 2020 Giant Pumpkin Weigh Off Prize Structure

Stillwater HarvestFest, Giant Pumpkin Seeds, St. Croix Growers Association
2020 HarvestFest:  Saturday October 10th

Event Location:  Details for the reconfigured Harvestfest event are coming together quickly.  The weigh off location has changed from our typical Lowell Park on the river.  We will be located at the old car dealership parking lot at the NW corner of the intersection of Osgood & Hwy 36.  The following address will get you to the right place:  14702 60th St. N, Stillwater, MN 55082
Event Configuration:  our event this year will be as per usual for pumpkin growers, virtual for spectators.  A link to the livestream will be made available in due time.  Please note there will be no vendors or other activities normally associated with this event.  Our goal is to weigh as many pumpkins as efficiently and safely as possible.  Due to cancellation of many pumpkin weigh offs in the upper midwest, we are planning for a record turnout of fruit.  As such, we are implementing the following policies in the interest of achieving the aforementioned goals. 
Registration process guidance:  Due to MN covid outdoor gathering restrictions, we are required to collect information regarding the number of attendees.  In the near future, you will receive an online registration link that will be required for participation.  We aim to multi-purpose this online registration as a template for your onsite paper registration form for each entry.  The paper registration upon arrival will take place as usual. Unique to 2020: we are asking growers to come prepared with fruit measurement data.   We will likely not have an onsite measurement crew.  Please have your circumference, side-to-side, end-to-end, and OTT numbers ready where applicable. 
Exhibition pumpkins & non-giant pumpkin category entry guidelines:  Harvestfest is permitting each paid member/onsite registration to weigh up to 3 giant pumpkin pumpkins.  Your heaviest, intact entry per GPC guidelines serves as your official entry.  The first exhibition fruit is no-charge.  A second exhibition fruit will be charged a $20 fee. The exhibition fruit fee will be waived for any grower willing to contribute 3 or more hours of volunteer time during the event. Regarding entries for the non-giant pumpkin classes (field pumpkin, long gourd, watermelon, tomato, bushel gourd, etc), we are limiting entries to one official per class of fruit.  Stated differently, we are not weighing exhibition entries for the non-giant pumpkin classes.  2020 prize structure can be found here:
Event activity timeline and loading/weighing process: As per usual, event setup will begin 7-9am.  Registrants are welcome to arrive after 9am to begin the unloading/registration process.  Unless you are an event volunteer, we ask you not to arrive prior to the 9am timeframe.  We aim to begin weighing as soon as practical.  Exhibition entries will be first in line.  Exclusive to 2020, we will permit and encourage re-loading of exhibition entries and non-top 10 fruit as soon as practical following weighing. We will attempt to stage the 10 largest entries to be weighed last.  Harvestfest is planning an awards ceremony, as per usual, in the 4:00pm hour time slot.  Actual time may vary due to the number of fruit being weighed.  
Call for volunteers & potluck collaboration: The success of this event is ultimately determined by the generous hands that make it possible.  This year we will be down on headcount but up on entries.  More pumpkins, less people.  As such, your contribution becomes that much more valuable.  We are asking for volunteers to help with registration, data entry, forklift operators, pallet jack operators, and pumpkin handling at the scale.  If there is a role you'd be willing to contribute to, please email/call/text separately.  We will once again welcome your contribution to a potluck lunch.  Please bring a dish to pass for a group luncheon.  The SCGA will have a cooler of assorted drinks.  There will be no food or drink vendors onsite.  However, Joseph's restaurant  is right next door to the weighoff site.  This event sponsor has a full menu and bar available.  
Covid stuff:  since this is an outdoor event, there is no mask requirement.  The SCGA respects individual freedoms and choices pertaining to this matter.  Physical distancing is encouraged, as per state guidelines.  At present, the SCGA will not require volunteers/staff to wear masks.  Please use best discretion based on these guidelines. 
questions or comments? Please do not reply to all.  reach out individually and we'll do what we can to address your concern.  Best of luck coming into the home stretch and stay tuned for additional updates....