1965lb Caspers 2023 Giant Pumpkin Seed (one ton x one ton cross!), orange champion

SCGA Premium Seed speaks for itself.  The biggest pumpkins come from the biggest genetics.  These seeds are sourced from some of the largest pumpkins in the world and are therefore capable of growing world class pumpkins.  The 1965 Caspers is a killer genetic cross, its parents are the 2424 Caspers x 2365 Wolf.  This pumpkin was a beautiful orange color, voted "Howard Dill Champion of the North" for its spectacular color.  Maximum size and color potential, what more could one ask for? The SCGA guarantees authenticity of the seed, however cannot guarantee germination.  

Price includes S&H.

Package Contains:
-2 Seeds: 1965 Caspers (2424 Caspers x 2365 Wolf)

-Seed starting tip sheet

One ton x one ton cross at a great price!