Giant Pumpkin Grower's Patch Guide & How-To Booklet

The "Giant Pumpkin Grower's Patch Guide" and How-To booklet are essential companions for the giant pumpkin enthusiast. The 12-page, spiral bound, full color guide provides practical references for growing the big one. The How-To booklet is a 66 slide month-by-month pictorial walk-thru on key tactics used to grow giant pumpkins. Available in hard copy only. Guide contains the following resources: 

-Fluid Unit conversion table for measuring and applying chemicals
-Pumpkin growth benchmarks for 1400lbs
-Common insect pest identification pictures
-Weight estimation charts for giant pumpkins, field pumpkins, and watermelon
-Soil test interpretation and amendment guidelines
-Two pages of Month-by-month growing tips
-Atlantic Giant Pumpkin glossary of terms
-Descriptive photos of pumpkin culture practices
-Additional resources page

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