Soil Test Interpretation & Fertilizer Recommendation Consult with experienced agronomist

Growing a giant pumpkin requires good luck, good weather, good seed, and good soil. Of those four, soil is the factor we have the most control over. Where to start though?  A soil test and some good advice is where.  This package includes a one-hour telephone and/or email consultation with a Certified Crop Advisor and soil fertility agronomist with 20+ years of giant pumpkin growing experience.  You provide the soil test report and the agronomist will provide the interpretation and prescription for how to correct soil imbalances and optimize for patch success. 


Also included is the "Giant Pumpkin Grower's Guide to Interpreting Soil Tests and Managing Fertility". This ten-page booklet recommends labs to work with, which lab test profiles to run, how to collect a soil sample, and interpretation and management suggestions for pH, CEC, calcium, magnesium, potassium, nitrogen, sulfur, organic matter, phosphorus, & the micronutrients. The only guide of its kind that provides specific fertilizer suggestions based on your soil test results and patch size.

Upon purchase of this package, the agronomist will reach out via email to coordinate your consultation.  

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